Hiking and Fishing…

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Caleb’s 1st Birthday

Can’t believe he’s already a year old!

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Winter happenings =)

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Christmas 2015


Virginia Beach Vacation 2015

Thankfully, pictures of Caleb are still being taken, but the reality of three little boys in the house has meant regular blog posting has taken a distant backseat to living normal life =). This past summer we had our first family vacation with all three out in Virginia Beach. We spent a few days camping out at a nearby state park and then met up with Grandma and Grandpa in Williamsburg for the last few. Enjoy the pictures. Click any image to see the whole album…

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New Videos…

Here are some new videos from the past months (always playing catch-up it seems)…


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Caleb Alexander Mercurio!

Welcome Caleb Alexander Mercurio!  Arrived 2/22/15 at 10:17am, 8lbs 4oz.  We’re so happy he’s here!   Caleb decided to come at the most exciting of times…it was snowing out and supposed to only be 3-5 inches, but the snow just kept coming through the night till we ended up with 16-18 inches.  My contractions started around midnight and by 2 am were pretty strong, so Chris was out shoveling the driveway in case we needed to go to the hospital, but the road was completely unplowed.  Finally around 4:30am a truck came through and plowed a small path.  Our friend, Libby, who was supposed to come watch the boys, was unable to get her car out of the snow so our neighbor Monica came over to watch the boys.  We were off to the hospital by 5:30am.  This time around we decided for me to get an epidural which turned into another surprise adventure.   Shortly after it was placed I started feeling really dizzy and lightheaded and before I knew it I had passed out.  Apparently my blood pressure had dropped to 54/29 and my heart rate to 40.  Chris says a slew of medical people descended on the room to get things under control.  Caleb’s heart rate dropped briefly when this happened, but thankfully they were able to get my blood pressure and both of us stable quickly.  After this drama, things settled down and I had a very easy labor with the epidural.

Caleb’s first week at home was great- he was nursing well and a very content baby.  After this week I caught the stomach virus, which was going through everyone in our house.  It’s no fun being sick when you’re nursing a newborn.  We made it through that and after 2 days of things seeming to be back to normal I got hit with mastitis.  Mastitis is a breast infection but it often starts with flu-like symptoms- I had really bad shaking chills, severe bodyache, headache, etc.  This was much worse than having the stomach virus with a newborn.  I got on antibiotics and after 3 days started to feel better.  Now we’re just feeling like things are settling down again- so hopefully they are- if not I know God will provide the energy I need when I feel like I don’t have it.

Aiden and Joshua have really loved their new brother!   We have more of a problem with them wanting to be too close and give too many kisses, than we do of them being jealous.  Joshua made a lego yesterday of baby Caleb.  After Aiden held Caleb for the first time he said “I could hold him all day long”.  And almost every night the boys want to pray and thank God for Caleb.  We’re very blessed by how much they love him.  Click any of the pictures to see more from our first week!

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